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Who's Who

Mr. and Miss LJHS

Hunter D.


Mari Jane S.

Class Favorites

6th: Cole D. and Becca D.

7th: Andrew P. and Carli E.

8th: Dillon M. and Lexi S. 

Most Athletic

6th: Brady H. and Savannah V.

7th: Peyton P. and Bree H.

8th: Ian W. and Kinsey L. 


6th: Josh M. and Arykah J.

7th: Tucker B. and Stormy S. 

8th: Lance P. and Taylor S. 


6th: Jeffery H. and Amiyah B.

7th: Brandon F. and Alanna H.

8th: Austin S. and Taylor V. 

Student of the Year



Mari Jane Skinner

Most Likely to Succeed

6th: Hill C. and Grace W.

7th: Evan W. and Aezlyn G.

8th: Tyler R. and Jordyn H.

Most Beautiful/Handsome

6th: Beau S. and Landri C.

7th: Caleb B. and Kennedie L.

8th: Will S. and Macee C. 


6th: Kyle M. and Jeanne W.

7th: Seth B. and Emily T.

8th: Easton D. and Julia K.


6th: Caiden E. and Hadlee W.

7th: Ian B. and Hope F.

8th: Zack D. and Laini W.