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Who's Who

Mr. and Miss LJHS

 Callum Prather & Lexi Jo Lasiter

Class Favorites

6th: Mason Lee & Emeree Gagne

7th: Wyatt King & Gracee Goodman

8th: Caiden Finley & Cammie Estis

Most Athletic

6th: Derek Valentine & Cailee Lucero

7th: Collin Mercer & Kylee Kennon

8th: Tuff Street & Allyssa Madsen


6th: Blake Smith & Jules Beaubouef

7th: Jayden Hayes & Ashlyn Wilson

8th: Caine Mercer & Lisette Cruse


6th: Brodie Rogers & Kinlie Ganey

7th: David Gunter & Hadley Boyd

8th: Kaden Foy & Gabby Jordan

Student of the Year

Most Likely to Succeed

6th: Tanner Dulaney, Leah Steen, & Kamri Turner

7th: Tahje Varner & Sarah Riggs

8th: Kale Murphrey & Carlie Aycock


6th: Casen Cockerham & Addy Taylor

7th: Hank Bradford & Bayleigh Rogers

8th: Jessey Stowe & Baylie Turner


6th: Parker Brown & India Varner

7th: Drew Adams & Emily Williams

8th: Ashton Cockerham & Carmela Lucero


6th: Ty Brown & Madison Foy

7th: Jase Lisenby & Sadye Beaubouef

8th: Luke Pritts & Harlee Nowlin