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General Conduct

  1. Each student should show courtesy and respect and follow the directions of those in charge.
  2. All teachers are to be addressed as Miss, Mrs. or Mr. and in no case by just their first or last name.
  3. Students are expected to be careful of all school property and in no way mar or disfigure it. Any student defacing school property will be help personally liable for its repair or replacement.
  4. Absolutely no smoking or chewing gum is allowed on the school grounds. Violators will be punished. We also do not allow students to carry tobacco products of any kind during school hours.
  5. No one is to leave the school grounds between classes or during school hours without permission from the school office. Students who become ill in school must be excused by the school office before going home.
  6. Students are expected to keep the school grounds, rooms, and halls free from paper and other refuse. Waste baskets and trash cans are the be used for this purpose.
  7. Students may converse with their neighbors during regular intervals for passing to classes. However, there should be no need for loud talking. Running is not allowed at any time in the halls or rooms.