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Bullying and Hazing

The LaSalle Parish School Board is committed to maintaining a safe, orderly, civil and positive learning environment so that no student feels bullied, threatened, or harassed while in school or participating in school related activities. Students and their parents/guardians shall be notified that the school, school bus, and all other school environments are to be safe and secure for all. Therefore, all statements or actions of bullying, hazing, or similar behavior such as threatening or harassment, made on campus, at school-sponsored activities or events, on school buses, at school bus stops, and on the way to and from school shall not be tolerated. Even if made in a joking manner, these statements or actions of bullying, hazing, or similar behavior towards other students, school personal, or school property shall be unacceptable.
All students, teachers, and other school employees shall take responsible measures within the scope of their individual authority to prevent violations of this policy.
Bullying shall mean:
  1. A pattern of any one or more of the following: (A) Gestures, including but not limited to obscene gestures and making faces. (B) Written, electronic, or verbal communications, including but not limited to calling names, threatening harm, taunting, malicious teasing, or spreading untrue rumors. Electronic communication includes but not limited to a communication or image transmitted by email, instant message, text message, blog, or social networking website through the use of a telephone, mobile phone, pager, computer, or other electronic device. (C) Physical acts, including but not limited to hitting, kicking, pushing, tripping, choking, damaging personal property, or unauthorized use of personal property. (D) Repeatedly and purposefully shunning or excluding from activities.
  2. Where the pattern of behavior as enumerated above is exhibited toward a student, more than once, by another student or group of students and occurs, or is received by, a student while on school property, at a school sponsored or school related function or activity, in any school bus or van, at any designated school bus stop, in any other school or private vehicle used to transport students to and from schools, or any school sponsored activity or event.
  3. The pattern of behavior as provided above must have the effect of physically harming a student, placing the student in reasonable fear of physical harm, damaging a student's property, placing the student in reasonable fear of damage to the student's property, or must be sufficiently severe, persistent, and pervasive enough to either create an intimidating or threatening educational environment, have the effect of substantially interfering with a student's performance in school, or have the effect of substantially disrupting the orderly operation of the school. 
Hazing shall mean any knowing behavior, whether by commission or omission, of any student to encourage, direct, order, or participate in any activity which subjects another student to potential physical, mental, or psychological harm for the purpose of initiation or admission into, affiliation with, continued membership in, or acceptance by existing members of any organization or extracurricular activity at a public elementary or secondary school, whether such behavior is planned or occurs on or off school property, including any school bus and school bus stop. Hazing does not mean any adult-directed and school-sanctioned athletic program practice or event or military training program. 
Any solicitation to engage in hazing and the aiding and abetting another person who engages in hazing shall be prohibited. The consent, stated or implied, of the hazing victim shall not be a defense in determining disciplinary action.
The principal or his/her designee shall be authorized to receive complaints alleging violation of this policy. All employees, parents, volunteers, or any other school personnel shall report alleged violations to the principal or his/her designee. Any written or oral report of an act of bullying, hazing, or similar behavior shall be considered an official means of reporting such act(s). Complaints, reports, and investigative reports of bullying, hazing, or similar behavior shall remain confidential, with limited exception of state or federal law.
The reporting of incidents of bullying, hazing or similar behavior shall be made on the Bullying Report form, which shall include an affirmation of truth. Any bullying, hazing, or similar behavior report submitted, regardless of recipient, shall use this form, but additional information may be provided. 
Refer to the LaSalle Parish Student Code of Conduct