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Medical Policy

No medication shall be allowed in the parish public school system unless prescribed by a physician licensed in Louisiana. All prescription medication will be administered following parish policy. the school nurse will conduct the initial check in for any medication. The parent must provide all documentation required by the school nurse. Only those persons properly trained to administer medications will do so. Any questions concerning medications should be directed to the school nurse. 
Communicable Diseases
The following diseases are contagious and students are not allowed to attend school until after they have passed the contagious stage of the disease.
Chickenpox Ringworm Imfetigo Rubela
Mumps Pink Eye Diphtheria Hepatitis (Infectious, Jaundice)
Scabies Mononucleaosis Pediculosis Scarlet Fever & Strep Throat
Pediculosis (Head Lice)
Early signs and symptoms of lice infestation is irritation and itching of the scalp. Lice are light gray insects which lay eggs or "nits" on the hair, especially at the nape of the neck and about the ears. The incubation period is one week. New lice start laying eggs about two weeks later. Lice remain alive on the person until the eggs on the hair and clothing have disappeared. Comprehensive health checks are done monthly, and more often if requested by the principal.
LaSalle Parish- Lice Screening Policy
  1. Any student found to have positive evidence of head or nits (eggs) shall be excluded from school.
  2. The students will be excluded from school until he/she has been effectively treated and all nits are removed from the hair.
  3. Adequate treatment and removal of all nits can be achieved in 3-7 days, your child will be considered unexcused from school. any unexcused absence may be referred to the truant officer.
  4. All students must be accompanied by his/her parent or guardian or responsible party to school and bring a permission slip to be signed for re-entry to school.
  5. The signed permission slip may be obtained by being re-checked after proper treatment by the school nurse, school principal, or designated school personnel (who have been instructed by the school nurse).
  6. Initial screening for lice at each school shall be designated by the school nurse or school principal as they deem necessary.
  7. Screening may be done by the school nurse or by principals, or designated school personnel who have been taught the proper screening procedures by the school nurse. 


An emergency phone number, family's physician's name, and other pertinent information is kept on the student information sheet. It is the responsibility of the parent to update this emergency information file. The school is not responsible for expenses incurred in providing emergency help, such as ambulance fees. 
Any student involved in an accident during school hours should report the accident to his/her teacher or the duty teacher who in turn will immediately notify the principal's office.
School insurance is offered to all students from the beginning of the school year. Forms for school insurance should be filed immediately.