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We are pleased to begin another form of parent notification entitled JCALL. It will accompany the current Student Progress Center parent notification already in place in LaSalle Parish Schools via the LaSalle Parish School Website.
The JCALL system is designed to automatically notify parents by calling first the primary phone number listed in your student's demographics and then additionally calling each cell number listed with the exception of work numbers. All LaSalle Parish Schools will automatically have messages sent via the JCALL System in 4 main categories: Attendance, Discipline, Events and Emergencies. Within those main 4 categories messages are further broken down into distinct types:
  • Attendance: Absence, Late to School, Tardy to Class, Skipped School, Check out
  • Discipline: Major and Minor   discipline referrals
  • Events: Any message generated by the user using the Event Messafe Creator for Students or Staff
  • Emergency 
The info is driven by events within the system that happen on a daily basis. These are also best described within the 4 main categories:
  • Attendance: Late to School, Tardy to Class, Skipped School, and Check out messages are generated as they happen. Absentee messages are collected for delivery at 9, 10, and 11 A.M. Therefore absentee messages will be delivered at those times after they have been marked.
  • Discipline: Messages for discipline are generated as the referrals are created and are called out as they happen or shortly thereafter.
  • Events: Event messages are called out based on whether or not they have been scheduled to be called at a certain time. If the messages have not been scheduled they will be called out as they are entered. These messages are user controlled and are written or recorded by the sender.
  • Emergencies: Emergencies are called out to everyone in the school immediately without exception.
In the near future, we will be adding the Grades element to the JCALL system for parental notification involving your student's grades and assignments.


  1. Go to www.lasallepsb.com and click on the Student Progress Center link on the left side under QUICK LINKS. 
  2. Select Register New User
  3. Complete the form (The PSN is the last five digits of your student's social security number).
  4. You will create your own user name and password. 
Once you are set up, you will be able to view your students' educational information including progress, grades, assignments, attendance, discipline, etc.
Note: If you have more than one child in LaSalle Parish Schools, you have the capability of linking those students with the same user name and password. If you have any questions, contact LPS Technology Coordinator, Mrs. Robyn Smith at 99-2161.0