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Alternative School Program

The purpose of an alternative school program in a narrow sense is to keep suspended or expelled students in a school environment, off of the streets, away from home while the parent works, and to maintain some type of continuity so the suspended or expelled student will not be behind when he/she returns to regular classes.

The location of the alternative school will be on the campus of Goodpine Middle School. All expelled students will report to GPMS campus unless the discipline committee states otherwise. The alternative school program located at Goodpine will be a separate program facility. Class size will be limited to 20 students at a time and the alternative school programs will serve all students age 12 and above for all of LaSalle Parish. Students suspended or expelled from LaSalle Parish Schools will be assigned to the LaSalle Parish Alternative School Program. The length of stay for suspended or expelled students will be in accordance with the LaSalle Parish School System Discipline Policy. Simply, students will be placed in the alternative school program for the days they would have otherwise been suspended at home or expelled.

In the even of unlikely case, the LaSalle Parish Discipline Center Program may also provide continued educational services for students in grades K-5 who have been assigned long term suspensions (exceeding 10 consecutive days) and/or expulsions. 

The LaSalle Parish Alternative School Program will operate on 168 student days scheduled for 390 instructional minutes as the other nine schools throughout LaSalle Parish. On the first day students are assigned to attend the alternative school program, the students must be accompanied by a parent inside the alternative school program building with the purpose to complete appropriate documentation and obtain parent signatures.

Students Instructions and Rules

  • A parent or guardian must sign the student in on the first day at the Alternative program. There are no exceptions.
  • An unexcused absence on the first day at the Alternative program will result in the assignment of an additional day.
  • This program begins at 8:00 AM and ends at 3:10 PM.
  • Students need to arrive by 7:55 AM so they may be seated by 8:00 AM and ready to complete their assignments.
  • Students that are not seated at 8:00 AM will not be admitted for that day and will have an unexcused absence recorded.
  • Students with doctor excuse or mandated appointments will be admitted to the Alternative program.
  • Bring all written excuses when absent to the Alternative program staff.
  • The pick up time is 3:10 PM. Students with prior approval may be allowed to ride the bus home. 
  • Students will remain at the Alternative program until all assignments are completed.
  • The LaSalle Parish Dress Code as well as school rules will be enforced at the Alternative Program. 

Needed Materials: All notebooks, workbooks, flash drives, journals, and portfolios as needed to complete your school work. No. 2 pencils. No pens, markers, or highlighters!

Students will not be admitted to complete assigned days at the Alternative Program if they do not have needed materials and do not follow above rules. Any days missed due to violations of rules will be unexcused.

Students that are  assigned to the Alternative Program are restricted from practice, participation, or attendance at any school activity or function on campus or off campus during the time that a student is assigned to the Alternative Program. This restriction will begin on the date you are assigned to the Alternative Program and will end when you have completed your assigned time.