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Dress Code


LaSalle Parish teachers and administrators have traditionally upheld high standards of professionalism, including that of appropriate, professional attire. In accordance with that tradition, the LaSalle Parish School System embraces the following standards as they relate to teacher and administrator dress.

The standards of dress and provisions of this policy are applicable to teachers, administrators, substitute teachers, paraprofessionals, and any others who have responsibilities for the instruction of children, as well as to clerical personnel. These standards also apply to employees at the Central Office, Media Center, Special Education Office, Alternative School, and any other off-campus facilities.

1.   All employees should dress appropriately and in good taste with a manner consistent with their particular responsibilities.

2.   Spirit Days will be designated by the principal.  Blue jeans may be worn on Spirit Days.

3.   The following attire is prohibited in academic classrooms and offices.

       This list is not intended to be all-inclusive.

        a.    Blue jeans except on Spirit Days

        b.    T-shirts except on Spirit Days

        c.    Wind suits except on Spirit Days

        d.    Sweat shirts except on Spirit Days

        e.    Form-fitting or revealing clothing, including leggings worn as slacks and low-cut blouses

        f.     Any shorts above the knee

        g.    Fleece jogging suits
        h.    Tank shirts

        i.     All flip flops (defined as flat, with toe strap making a “Y”)

        j.     Short skirts (skirts should reach top of knee)

4.   During special activities such as field trips, and other similar events, teachers and administrators may be exempted from the prohibitions, but are requested to adhere to standards of good taste.

5.   Certain areas of instruction such as physical education are exempted from prohibition on shorts, jogging suits, and sweat suits while teaching physical education.  However, coaches or others should wear outer pants or wind suits when going into instructional settings.

6.   Men, especially those in administration, are encouraged to wear ties.  Dress slacks with polo style shirts or sports shirts may also be worn.  Shirts must be tucked in at all times.

7.   Employees performing duty at ball games and/or other extracurricular activities shall dress in a manner befitting their profession or befitting the occasion (which may require work-type clothes, as approved by the principal).

NOTE:    The direct supervisor is responsible for enforcing the dress code.

The Administration will be the final judge whether a staff member’s clothing is appropriate for school.