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Safe School Panning

Each LaSalle Parish School has established and shall maintain grade appropriate programs of alcohol, drug, and substance prevention, education, information and counseling as provided in R.S. 17:404.
Each LaSalle Parish School has established a plan, in accordance with Sec. 4114, of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, for keeping the school safe and drug free that includes appropriate and effective school discipline policies that prohibit disorderly conduct, the illegal possession of weapons, and the illegal use, possession, distribution, and sale of tobacco, alcohol, and/or other drugs; has established security procedures at school and while students are on the way to and from school; has established prevention activities that are designed to create and maintain safe, disciplined, and drug free environments; has established a crisis management plan for responding to violent or traumatic incidents on school grounds; and has established a Student Code of Conduct for all students that clearly states the responsibilities of students, teachers, and administrators in maintaining a classroom environment that allows a teacher to communicate effectively with all students in the class; allows all students in the class to learn; allows all students and school employees to be treated respectfully; has consequences that are fair and developmentally appropriate; considers the students and the circumstances of the situation; and is enforced accordingly.