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Parental and Community Involvement

Each LaSalle Parish School is committed to parental involvement and family strengthening. As set forth in R.S. 17:406.1, effective approaches to involving families more fully as partners in the process of their children's learning require the participation and coordination of numerous state and local, public and private agencies shall be encouraged. Each LaSalle Parish School shall seek to make connections through a variety of local and culturally sensitive methods to facilitate parents/ family members/access to local.regional family strengthening programs available in the community. (Programs can be specifically identified-Families Helping Families, Regional Family Resource centers, Parent Information Resource Center, Families in Need of Services Program, and other family strengthening programs exhibiting peer to peer support systems and positive mental health initiatives). 
Each LaSalle Parish School shall seek training to facilitate mutual understanding of research based practiced promoting positive relationships between parents, LEA personnel and community service providers. 
Each LaSalle Parish School shall seek to identify the mental health needs of its students and match those needs with available local resources, including public, nonpublic and/or volunteer organizations.